Gamble The Greedy Grin

Everyday is a struggle, every day is a gamble, every move we make is a gamble – we aren’t always certain of the outcome but we hope for the best. When put in a situation of impoverished life, every day truly is a struggle, and from that, Anthony Joseph Tanzola who was named after his father chose “Gamble, The Greedy Grin” as his alias. The Greedy Grin is the controversial side of this young lyricist; the money hungry; the evil side of this young man that will stop at nothing to achieve what he deserves. August 8th 1985, the day the world was cursed and blessed to see his “Greedy Grin”.

At the age of two, this Vancouver native moved to the big city of schemes, Toronto, ON. Gamble now lives on the unpredictable and shady area of Lakeshore west. At the age of six, four short years of adapting to Toronto life later, Gamble met his soon to be best friend, Kin Karma. Together they went through it all, ups and downs, smiles and frowns, as the years went by their bond grew stronger and 16 years later, still remain the best of friends. As life progressed, Gamble and his family went through the worst of it, a family of four sharing a one bedroom apartment. From a one room to a friends room, they slept on the floor of family friends for several months. They stayed at various different places and stuck through it, but more importantly, like any other family, they stuck through it together.

Gamble was a very creative individual that needed a means to express this feeling and display his talents. A therapy, a way to defuse a ticking time bomb caused from everyday struggle. That urge was met the day Kin Karma introduced him to his current craft. From that day on there was no turning back, hip hop wasn’t just a hobby – it was a lifestyle, it was his life. Gamble has a unique style of rapping, he doesn’t just demonstrate, he dictates what he sees and knows from his surroundings. He would often speak in the perspective of another person, to tell the tales of another’s struggle. Often he would rap about personal issues from his life, put in a creative way. Lyrical and controversial, with an amazing talent for writing, an incredible delivery with an ear for music, and a tremendous ability for beat selections makes Gamble one of the most important MCs in the game.







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